NECHAMA continues to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy. However, after working for 21 months straight and leading more than 2,400 volunteers in NY & NJ we have suspended our direct service work. We do not anticipate having any new volunteer opportunities until the Fall of 2014. In the mean time our Sandy team will be resting & recharging.

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. Thank you for your interest and support of NECHAMA!

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Individuals have helped with cleanup & repair work

Hours contributed to response/recovery

Households have received direct help post Sandy

Worth of services provided for free to communities

Working Together to Bring Roderick Home

Roderick finally reunited with his dog at home

Some East Coasters who endured Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 begin their stories with the evacuation of their homes. Others begin with their return to their inundated properties. Still others begin with their stories of recovery.

Roderick G of Freeport, Long Island, is different. His Sandy story starts about a month before the super storm came roaring in.

Repairing Houses on Long Island, NY

Frank helping install drywall in his home

When Superstorm Sandy came to shore in late October 2012, Frank and wife were at home in Long Island, NY. As the storm surge encroached on the house, the pair fought to keep the water out, but eventually had to retreat to the attic for safety. When they emerged, the house had been flooded with 4 feet of water. The house was left uninhabitable. In the ensuing months, Frank lost his business and struggled to find the funds to repair the storm damage. 

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