While this is my first board position, I have been an avid volunteer since high school, participating in both local and global work for Habitat for Humanity. I have also served as a youth hockey coach for DinoMights (Minneapolis non-profit) for the last 6 seasons. I have worked at UnitedHealth Group since 2003, working primarily in finance and accounting. 

When I came to NECHAMA in December 2018 I was new to the organization and just looking to join a board and apply my years of finance experience. I found out about NECHAMA through another non-profit group in Minnesota called Propel who matches potential board members with smaller nonprofits looking for board members with a specific skill. I was lucky to be matched with NECHAMA and immediately connected to the mission. Helping people in some of their darkest times is something that is very meaningful to me and really resonated as a place I would like to give some of my time and energy to.

During the times of civil unrest in the Twin Cities this summer, I was able to experience first hand how NECHAMA steps up to help people in times of trouble. With many folks left without access to grocery stores following the rioting, NECHAMA stepped up to provide assistance across the city for pop-up food shelves that opened in affected neighborhoods. As an organization we shopped for these food shelves, provided volunteers, used our vehicles to transport items, and helped store owners as they began to rebuild. I was able to spend an afternoon working at one of the food shelves with NECHAMA staff and saw how our team stepped into spots where they saw a need and really provided support wherever needed. It made me very proud to be affiliated with this organization and the wonderful work they do. 

My hope for NECHAMA is to continue to find opportunities to help and provide comfort in difficult situations. And I look forward to being a part of that journey.


Proudly serving as NECHAMA’s Treasurer and Secretary,