Over the past weekend, a group of 17 individuals from NCSY joined our response efforts in Louisiana. The group joined NECHAMA, IOCC, and AmeriCorpsNCCC team River 4 at a cemetery of the Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church in Hahnville, LA.

The teams spent the day cutting massive trees, removing logs, clearing branches and other debris on and around the gravestones. They cleared walking paths that were once accessible. Paths covered since Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 29- now two and a half months ago.

On this holiday, we are grateful for the opportunity to assist. To do work that allows families to safely visit their loved ones as they remember lives once lived. We feel honored to be part of the healing process that allows them to begin to rebuild their homes. Honored to help them remember their loved ones in a space that has been cleared of the most recent tragedy, one that many continue to live through.

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