What We Do

NECHAMA is a volunteer-driven nonprofit headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We provide natural disaster response and recovery services nationwide. Guided by the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, performing good acts, and helping the stranger, NECHAMA offers a helping hand in the spirit of goodwill, creating mutual respect and understanding among people.


NECHAMA’s Response work provides immediate services to disaster affected areas to help families in the first stage of the disaster recovery process. Our multifaceted Response Programs are focused on community reparation and laying the groundwork upon which future recovery efforts can be built and sustained.


By engaging a holistic approach to disaster recovery, NECHAMA’s Recovery work promotes systemic change through long-term assistance and efforts towards community self-sustainability. Our Recovery Programs ensure not only a personalized approach to disaster recovery, but one that is also committed to community reparation, continuous preparation, and stable growth.

Our Model

NECHAMA’s Programs aim to provide disaster affected communities with the resources needed to not only rebuild after natural disasters, but also to enable these communities to better prepare for and respond to events in the future. 

The foundation of our Response and Recovery work is built upon addressing and raising awareness of the immediate and underlying needs of a post disaster community. Through an innovative, environmentally conscious, and bridge-building approach, we are dedicated to addressing the damage communities sustain with an emphasis on repairing community life.

Throughout these Programs, NECHAMA is committed to building, and fostering partnerships with local organizations and federal agencies to provide the infrastructure for long term assistance for affected communities. The core of our work is comprised of direct volunteer service and community engagement to inspire, support, and bolster community resilience.  

Current Programs

MN Warehouse Volunteer Events

Throughout the year, NECHAMA offers warehouse workday and worknight events in Minnesota. It’s an opportunity for volunteers in and around the Twin Cities, to take part in our work by assisting us in maintaining our fleet, tools, and equipment.

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As COVID-19 makes it increasingly difficult for NECHAMA and many others to do our “normal” work, we have begun to pivot and seek ways we can assist the community respond to the demands of this pandemic.

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