Stephen Matloff, Board Vice President

What my work with NECHAMA proves is that fulfilling our moral obligation to help others in need — sometimes even by quite literally repairing the world — is very doable. NECHAMA’s work makes answering the questions “Are we going to help?” and the follow-on “How?” simple. The answer is, “Yes — we’re going to show up and help people start in their process of recovery.”

After 6 years and many deployments with NECHAMA experiencing the tremendously positive impact on those we serve, those I work alongside, and those I love and care about back home, it was an incredible honor to join the organization’s Board. I still cherish being in the field “mucking and gutting” and assisting strangers to get back on their feet. I now also cherish contributing as a Board member to our organization’s ability to activate volunteers to do so much more for fellow humans in desperate need than they ever imagined they could.

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Image – Wilshire Blvd Temple Disaster Response Team volunteering with us in Houston, TX after Hurricane Harvey.

Pictured: Board Members Jeremy Wolf, Rabbi Beau Shapiro and Stephen Matloff (far right).