Dear NECHAMA Family,

We are once again called upon to support those in need after a major event. Many of you have already donated or signed up to volunteer. Thank you.

The flooding in Louisiana has been called the worst disaster in the United States since Hurricane Sandy. Tens of thousands of homes were inundated with flood water during the week of Tisha B’Av. Most of the homes are single story ranches leaving many to turn to shelters, family or friends for places to stay because their homes are no longer habitable. As I write this, thousands of people are still reliant on and staying in shelters, which confirms the severity of this disaster.

Before the New York Times even began covering the flood in Baton Rouge, NECHAMA had staff and equipment en route from our warehouse in Minnesota.

NECHAMA is responding in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Having spent nearly a week on the ground we can confirm the devastating impact firsthand. Our team has connected with local Jewish institutions, some of which had congregants and staff directly affected. We’ve already begun collaborating with Beth Shalom Synagogue and Congregation B’nai Israel locally, as well as  the Jewish Federations of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. A team of volunteers from the New Orleans Federation even traveled up to lend a hand this weekend.

In short, we are off to the strong start that this disaster needs but we can’t do it without you. Please donate or volunteer so that, together, we might continue to scale to meet the great needs in Greater Baton Rouge.

Volunteer lodging has been secured and we are scaling up our efforts to offer cleanup and restoration assistance to more homes per day. We are moving additional vehicles, tools and equipment to Baton Rouge. This all takes resources including time and money. Please click on one of the buttons to contribute.

In service,