An update from our Operations Director, Dorothy Maples:

“There are things or people in life that make you want to show up, to help, or just be a better person. I met Mohamed, Adam, and their younger cousin today. Our team spent the day gutting their basement, getting the mold out, and making it safe for the family to live in the house.

I recently injured my ankle and am unable to spend all day standing on it. I used some downtime during the afternoon to make friends. Adam announced to his mom that “Dorothy” was his new best friend. Mohamed followed his statement quickly, claiming we too were best friends. My afternoon was spent inspecting and admiring the toys of 3 young men who were willing to allow me into their space.

Impacting the lives of those we meet- this is what we do and why I hope you are inspired to give to. My birthday is coming up. Mohamed believes I turn 7 on August 4th and to him, that is the perfect age for his new best friend. Please help us continue to help us stay in Michigan.”

At the present time, we are working through logistics to allow our team to stay in Michigan past August 15th. We ask that you consider joining our team on the ground! Fill out our VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM with possible trip dates. As our end date changes, we will reach out to you!

Consider becoming a member of the team by starting a fundraiser! You can help RAISE FUNDS where you live. Start a fundraising page today and share it with your friends and family. Or consider creating a fundraising team with friends and family- set goals that challenge each other to raise funds!

There are still a large number of families in Michigan who, at the present time, are waiting for help to arrive. Every donation received allows us to help more families recover from the flooding that occurred in June. For Mohamed, Adam, and their family, our work not only formed a new friendship, but it also allowed them to live in a home free of harmful mold.