NECHAMA had the opportunity on Sunday, May 31, to reach out to our local community to offer assistance with cleanup efforts and food distribution. Two of our founders, Steve Lear and Gene Borochoff, joined our staff in the assessment of local businesses who had been looted and damaged along E. Lake Street in the effort to identify future cleanup needs. There was an overwhelming presence of members from the local community, as people showed up in the thousands with brooms and dustpans in hand to share in the effort to rebuild the community.

Afterward, our staff went to a popup food distribution at Sanford Middle School. A small request from the Principal for 85 bags of groceries in collaboration with the Sheridan Story, turned into a huge community event. Any available space on the school’s property was covered in donations from across the state and Wisconsin. We spent over four hours sorting, assisting, and delivering food to other local food banks who welcomed the overflow of food. 

These pop up food events were all over South Minneapolis, hundreds of volunteers, a true community event. We are honored to have been able to help. A special shout out to the group of 10 students from Chanhassen High School who loaded bags of groceries and diapers into vehicles for NECHAMA and other organizations that contributed to the redistribution of supplies to other local services. 

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