As our teams are hard at work in sunny Louisiana, we are closely monitoring weather conditions in other areas of the country. Specifically, those areas that are prone to spring floods.

Looking out the window here in Minnesota, there is currently light snow falling. In this area, March is known for storms that produce large amounts of snow in short amounts of time. With temperatures beginning to warm, this snow melts and begins making its way into local lakes and rivers. As the water rises, flooding potential increases.

In the event of a flood, how can you keep your family and pets safe?

    1. Know your risk- are you located in a flood zone? Check out this map from FEMA to search by your address to find your flood risk.

    2. Be sure to have emergency alerts enabled to stay up to date on weather changes- learn more here. Emergency alerts come in all forms and are tested regularly to ensure they will function when we need them most!

    3. Are you in a flood zone? Do you know that most flood insurance policies take up to 30 days to go into effect? Are you new to purchasing flood insurance and not sure where to start looking for it? This guide from FEMA gives you resources and guidance on purchasing a new policy.

    4. Plan ahead- create a plan to evacuate for your family and your pets. Review evacuation routes near your home, schools, and work so that you can evacuate quickly in the event of a flood. Have a supply kit ready to grab quickly in the event of a rapid evacuation. Be sure to include important documents in a waterproof container, and/or save information in a digital format that you can access if needed.

    5. Do you know that most shelters do not allow pets to accompany owners? As a result, your pet may not have a safe place to stay as you wait for floodwaters to recede. Create a plan for your pet. Create a supply kit that contains food, water, and vaccination certificates. When possible, locate a friend, relative, or temporary shelter for pets in a safe location.

Don’t get pinched by flooding! Stay tuned for future updates on staying safe during a flood!