You may have heard about (or experienced) the 4.8 magnitude earthquake in the New Jersey area. Earthquakes pose a unique safety risk as they are sudden and often come with a mere seconds of warning, if there is any warning at all!  It is a good idea to make sure to use hurricane straps on any piece of furniture that might topple (like a bookcase) and avoid hanging heavy objects over your bed or couches. But what happens if you find yourself in an earthquake? Review the most common scenarios below:

  • Inside, not in bed. The best thing you can do is stop, drop, and cover/hold on. If you can reach for something that can shield your head, use it. If you can crawl under a table or desk quickly, do so, and then hold onto its legs. One of the biggest risks in an earthquake is crawling through broken glass and debris, limit your movement.  
  • In bed. If you are in bed, lay on your stomach and cover your head and neck with a pillow. 
  • In a car. Get off the road. Put your emergency break on. Do not leave until the quake has passed. 
  • Outside. Get away from buildings if you can, then stop, drop, and cover. 

Earthquakes come with little warning and generally do not last long. Knowing what to do can save your life. 

Stay safe!

Your Friends at NECHAMA.