After a flood, damage can be both visible and invisible.

Flood damage can be seen in destroyed homes and buildings. Structural damage is visible in collapsed ceilings and damaged drywall. Personal possessions suffer water damage and are often beyond repair. After a flooding event, roads are covered with debris and downed trees. In some situations, entire sections of the road disappear after heavy water currents damaged the road from below.

What you can’t see can be just as dangerous. After a flood, water can be contaminated with sewage or chemicals and cause unsafe drinking water. Wading in floodwater can be dangerous to your skin and expose you to a toxic combination of chemicals. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide buildup from the use of portable generators can lead to poisoning and death. Live power lines can be deadly- they can hide under damaged structures or in water, invisible to you until it is too late.

How can you protect yourself and your family after a flood?

  • Stay Informed
  • Avoid Flood Waters
  • Avoid Disaster Areas
  • Wait for the All Clear
  • Contact Your Family and Loved Ones
  • Visit the National Weather Service website to learn more about how you can stay safe after a flood.