During a flood, water levels and the rate that water is flowing can change quickly. Your safety in flooded areas can be difficult to determine during the day. The safety of flooded areas at night can be impossible to see. Sign up for weather alerts today to receive advance warnings of flooding events. Stay aware during storm events and be sure to monitor local radio and television broadcasts. If you need to evacuate, avoid flood water at all costs. When water starts to rise, move to higher ground immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

How can you protect yourself and your family during a flood?

  • Stay Informed
  • Get to Higher Ground
  • Obey Evacuation Orders
  • Practice Electrical Safety
  • Avoid Flood Waters
  • Learn more about each of these on the National Weather Service website.

    Do you know what types of flooding happen where you live? Click on your state on this interactive National Weather Service map to learn more.