Flooding events can be very hard to predict. Some floods develop slowly over days or weeks. In this type of flooding event, weather forecasters are better able to predict where a flood will happen. This gives you time to secure your home and move your family, pets, and valuables to safe locations before it occurs.

Flash floods can occur within minutes and sometimes without any sign of rain. When there is rapidly rising water, your personal safety takes priority. It is likely you will not have time to gather valuables. Your time will be spent making sure your family and pets are safe and out of immediate danger. Being prepared now can save your life and give you peace of mind.

What items can you do to be #WeatherReady?

  • Create a Communications Plan
  • Assemble an Emergency Kit
  • Know Your Risk
  • Sign Up for Notifications
  • Prepare Your Home
  • Prepare your Family/Pets
  • Charge Your Essential Electronics
  • Leave
  • Check out the National Weather Service website to learn more about each of these items and prepare today!