Returning to the home of Ms. Damita on day two, our team continued to remove damaged items from her home. Around them, walls once covered in several feet of mold move to the growing pile on the curb. Above their heads, ceilings growing mold are removed. Below their feet, floors once covered in water and sewage sprayed free of debris.

It’s hard not to love Ms. Damita. There is vulnerability as she shares her story, her willingness to receive help and to give hugs in return, and her cheery personality. “After the storm, I lost all hope”, she said, “but you all showed up and I’m hopeful again. Now I can get back up and readjust my crown!”

It’s been so uplifting for our team to be a part of the clean-up and to witness the resulting effect on her disposition.

As we wrapped up the work at Ms. Damita’s home, she came downstairs to view all the team accomplished. The picture above captures that moment- it is not a sad one. The photo shows her weeping. They were happy tears. Considering all they had been through, the damage is behind her and her family can begin to repair their home. More importantly, they can rebuild a sense of normalcy in their lives.

In comparison to responses in previous years, our team is small in number. Up against a backdrop of low attention from the media, coupled with a noticeable scarcity of help to the many affected residents, we continue to tackle house after house. We find delight in the special connections we make with the homeowners we assist!

You can help Detroit homeowners. The list of homes that wait for help is immense. Floodwater and sewage remain in many homes, waiting for the resources needed to clean them.

Be a part of our work in Detroit- become a volunteer, make a donation, or start a fundraiser. Share our stories with friends and family. With your help, more people will learn of the damage in Detroit, and resources needed will become available to assist more homeowners like Damita!

Follow our updates to stay informed as our team continues their amazing work in Detroit!

Photos: Sabine Thompson