Giving back to those who Give

During a recent muck and gut in Detroit, our amazing multi-response volunteer, Sabine Thompson, had a chance to get to know the inspirational homeowner of the house she was working on. Sabine had the following message to share:

This photo is of the homeowner we helped today. Ms. Cher grew up without a father and didn’t meet her dad until age 27. Maybe this is what triggered her goal to better the lives of children. After fostering 25 children (focusing on siblings, so they are not separated), she adopted twin babies. Her sons are Latino – “I’m too busy, I don’t have time to care about race!”, she says. Ms. Cher is very active in her community, having coordinated daily meals to be served to children in her neighborhood for the past 7 years. We always love helping, but when you’re assisting someone like Ms. Cher, the volunteering feels just a tad bit more meaningful and special.

I’m in Detroit for 2 weeks, volunteering with NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster. If you have time to come help out, please join us!

To join our team on the ground or learn more about our efforts, follow this link to our Michigan Floods webpage.

Once there, you will find a link to sign up as a volunteer, start a fundraising page, or make a donation to financially support our team.

Ms. Cher’s home is ready for the next step in recovering from this flood, however, many more homeowners in Detroit are still in need of assistance. Just as Ms. Cher does every day, we hope you will be inspired to give in whatever way that you can!