As the 8-day celebration of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins we reflect on all that 2020 has brought to our lives. It would be easy to focus on the tragedy and negative aspects of this year, letting our light dim to those around us. But as this year has shown, we are all bound by a shared sense of humanity; a collective mission to bring comfort and healing to those around us regardless of religion, race, or any other factor that seeks to divide our shared existence.

We will let our light shine bright, illuminating the comfort and hope we have been able to bring to those families and communities we have served; illuminating the endless hours given by devoted volunteers and staff; illuminating the generosity of donors who have continued to support, despite uncertainty and during a year filled with more questions than answers. We will move forward, shining our light of service, hope, and humanity to all in the coming year.