As NECHAMA begins work on the ground in Texas, Hurricane Irma also has our attention.

Should Irma make landfall in the continental United States, this would be an unprecedented event – two Category 4 or stronger storms within weeks of each other. Our staff is beginning to make plans for not one, but two long-term deployments to assist storm-affected families.

Like many other disaster organizations, a second concurrent deployment of this magnitude will stretch our staff and resources thin. However, we are committed to assisting those in need and fulfilling our mission of Tikkun Olam.

Many of you have already given, and we thank you. You have made our current Texas deployment possible where we are beginning to get to work on the ground assisting families. I ask that you consider setting aside additional funds in the event that Irma makes landfall – we will need as much assistance as possible to ensure our ability to build up a second major deployment.

If you have not yet given, please consider a donation today to our Hurrican Response Fund. We are funded 100% by donors who make our critical work possible.