The NECHAMA team is beginning to move gear, supplies, and staff into Houston to respond to Hurricane Harvey. The devastation on the ground is unimaginable, making it difficult for us to locate safe access to housing, food, and medical. Once we have addressed these logistical issues we will be able to safely bring in volunteers to assist.

As we continue to scale up, we are in need of qualified Team Leads to join the NECHAMA team in Texas. We will have ongoing opportunities to lead teams cleaning out flooded homes for months to come. If you are interested, please register here.

Individuals and groups interested in volunteering are encouraged to sign up on our volunteer registration form. Once operations commence and we have located safe housing, we will begin to schedule volunteers using those who have registered.

We are currently planning on a 6-month minimum deployment into Texas, and we need your support. Recovery from Hurricane Harvey will be measured in months and years, not weeks or days. Your support will allow NECHAMA to engage in this long-term response.

If you have already given, THANK YOU! Please consider setting aside additional funds for NECHAMA, so that we can continue to assist the survivors of Harvey.

Thank you for your support!