An aerial view shows homes submerged under floodwaters from the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Jackson, Ky., on Thursday. (Leandro Lozada/AFP via Getty Images)

Heavy floods have recently impacted multiple states, from Missouri to Kentucky to Las Vegas. Flash flooding has caused large areas of damage and the flooding continues in some areas.

As rain falls on the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, it travels to the lowest point in the valleys below. These valleys are where the land is suitable for building homes and is impacted often by flash flooding.

Friends and neighbors work together to assist those around them, often while also losing their own homes and belongings. Families often don’t have the opportunity to rebuild from one flood before another strikes, leaving them once again to clean up and rebuild their homes.

Flooding is expected to continue throughout the weekend as rain moves through the area. Search and rescue teams are actively working to rescue individuals and families trapped in their homes as the devastation continues.

As we remain focused on our mission of responding to disasters nationwide, we welcome you to join our efforts to repair the world, provide comfort, and bring hope to communities impacted by disaster.

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  • As we wait on more information out of Eastern Kentucky and for the floodwaters to begin to recede, we look to the future for this area of the country. The need to clean up and rebuild will continue for months to years. We might not be the first agency to arrive, but we hope to arrive and see the cleanup through to the end and deliver comfort and hope to those in need.