The Operations team is back to work in Lake Charles, LA, after Hurricane Delta ripped through the area just six weeks after Hurricane Laura. Delivering 115 mph winds, any homes with tarped roofs experienced a whole new slew of water damage. We are receiving requests to return and perform more extensive muck and gut due to a widening of destruction for some houses we already completed.
Today we started on the home of Mr. Johnny Lee. You will remember the recent story on his son, Mr. Johnny, the man who stayed behind to watch over his 90-year-old father during Hurricane Laura. In the image, you can see there is very little holding his ceiling together.
We will continue to report the extent of the damage after Hurricane Delta as we get back out into the community. Until then, please donate. There is even more work to be done now. People like Mr. Johnny and Mr. Johnny Lee deserve a bit of hope and comfort, and we can do that through your donations.