I am proud to serve as the National Director of NCSY Teen Relief Missions. I have had the privilege of working with NECHAMA for over a decade. I have seen first hand the incredible work NECHAMA has done and how true they are to their name NECHAMA which means comfort.  They have provided comfort to thousands of people during their time of need and made a lasting difference to many many lives in a positive way.

Throughout the years NCSY has partnered with NECHAMA and have found that their staff are some of the most dedicated and nicest people around. I guess you have to be a special person to go out and do the work that NECHAMA does. 

NECHAMA’s ability to move and get set up so soon after a disaster is truly amazing.  When they arrive in  a community in distress they are able to triage within a matter of days, thus setting things in motion so that they can move forward toward help, aid, and the recovery process. Once NECHAMA is on the scene, there’s no going back! The word “relief” is an important one – we have earned our reputation for providing relief to people who find themselves in the midst of the most horrendous moments of their lives.  

NECHAMA as Jewish response to disaster provides a huge service to the Jewish community  as the NECHAMA trucks pull up with the Jewish star on them  the message is clear as Jews we are here to help, as God’s children we believe in helping others in repairing the world in Tikun Olam. NECHAMA is indeed providing a light on other nations. During these difficult times the positive influence of a Jewish group going to volunteer is very impactful. Having brought around 1,000 Jewish teens to help volunteer with NECHAMA, we have seen first hand the impact on our teens. When the teens go out with NECHAMA tee shirts proudly declaring we are Jews and we are here to help because that is what is commanded of us we definitely receive more than we give. 

The NECHAMA staff have done an excellent job in framing the day in explaining why we do what we do, they train the teens how to interact with the home owners and the best way to provide comfort in their hour of need. 

Rabbi Ethan Katz
National Director
NCSY Relief Missions
” Learning Through Service “