It can be difficult to have a reference for how to be part of our response efforts beyond donating money or volunteering in the field. And while those are two obvious and much-needed ways of belonging to our NECHAMA Community, there are also many other ways of giving. Dionne and her husband Mikal are giving in a way that is possible for them, which is to open their home in Atlanta, GA to our Operations Team on our way to the Carolinas.

By providing us with a place to stay for a couple nights, they help us cut down on the cost of housing our team that we would have otherwise had to spend on a hotel or Airbnb. Not only does this further our donated dollars, but also gives Dionne and Mikal the opportunity to participate in our Hurricane Florence response.

If you’re eager to have our team camp out in your home on our way to or from a disaster, please send us a message! ?
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