Today, NECHAMA would like to honor and recognize Mariana Micheli, NECHAMA’s Operations Manager. With a heavy heart, we announce that Sunday, November 8, is her last day with our organization.
Mariana first started working with NECHAMA three years ago during Hurricane Harvey and has been with us ever since. From day one, we realized that we were very fortunate to have such a talented person join our team.
Mariana’s immense passion for her work and the communities she serves is evident in everything she does. Those who know her and worked with her have experienced her drive and ability to inspire others first hand. She has spent countless hours on projects ensuring we are always putting our best foot forward. She is the very example of integrity and responsibility, a leading example of how to show up for each other, create teams and communities, and make the world we live in a better place. She has been a significant contribution to our learning and growth as an organization and a team.
Her passion plays a great deal into her creative side. Mariana has an exceptional talent to capture a moment that tells a story. Her photos create empathy for the families and communities impacted by disasters, sharing intimate and extraordinary moments. Her attention to detail is paramount in improving the writeups, processes, and procedures pivotal to our organization’s growth and success.
Mariana’s contributions will live on forever in the work that we do. We are sad that we have to say goodbye to our friend and colleague. Shoes that will never entirely be filled. We wish you the very best for whatever fantastic future is ahead of you.
Your NECHAMA family