Recently, our team traveled to the home of Mr. Peterson. A former pro athlete, he has been confined to his home for the past 2 years due to the pandemic and injuries that occurred during his days as an athlete. At the end of the workday, Mr. Peterson gathered all the volunteers. He spoke to the team with tears in his eyes. He spoke about helping a complete stranger, gratitude, and service.

Intensified by the vulnerability used to convey his words, the message delivered by Mr. Peterson touched each person in the room. There was not a dry eye, as each team member pretended to wipe the elusive drywall from their eyes and faces. Upon completing his message, Mr. Peterson grabbed his walker and pulled himself up to a standing position. One by one, he looked each team member in the eye and thanked them.

We appreciate homeowners like Mr. Peterson, those who trust a stranger and allow us to enter their home to complete the physical work following a disaster. People who begin as strangers, and through the service of removing damaged belongings and materials that were once a part of their home, touch each other’s lives forever.

You can impact the lives of homeowners in Detroit today- consider volunteering, starting a fundraiser, or making a donation!

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