Last week, NECHAMA staff arrived on the ground in Puerto Rico to assess storm damage from Hurricane Maria, four months after this devastating storm made landfall. It’s been an emotional journey for the team, seeing the pain that is still so raw, and the continued widespread need for safe and secure housing.

After touring the island, seeing the conditions that so many people still face and hearing their pleas for assistance, for hope, for comfort, we’ve come to a decision.

NECHAMA must answer this call. We can not, and will not, turn away.

Today we are announcing our intention to launch the first ever NECHAMA Project outside the continental United States, initially in the Loíza, Puerto Rico area! We have been inspired by the spirit and pride we have witnessed in Puerto Rico – communities and families dedicated to rebuilding the island and providing support and assistance to family, friends, and neighbors.

Partnering with others on the ground, we will conduct basic repairs, muck-and-gut operations, and debris removal. Our focus will be to return residents to their homes, rebuild local communities, and provide hope and comfort to those still recovering from the storm.

Over the next few weeks we will be developing the scope of this Project for NECHAMA – starting assessments, hiring staff, and finalizing our volunteer processes.

But for all of this to happen, first, we need your help.

NECHAMA is currently seeking startup funds to launch this historic project and to fund initial operations. $75,000 will fund the first three months of operation – and every dollar counts!

Please consider assisting our fundraising efforts, Puerto Rico needs your help to launch this much-needed Project!