As COVID-19 makes it increasingly difficult for NECHAMA and many others to do our “normal” work, we have begun to pivot and seek ways we can assist the community respond to the demands of this pandemic. While it may not be muck and guts or chainsaw teams, we are committed to continuing our mission of bringing comfort to those affected by disaster.

Yesterday, responding to urgent calls for assistance from the medical community in Minnesota, NECHAMA donated N95 masks, goggles, surgical gloves, as well as Tyvek suits from our warehouse inventory. While it will not fill the medical community’s entire need, it was what we were able to do at this time.

We encourage all of you to follow our lead and look through your basements, garages, and sheds to see if you have any PPE (personal protective equipment) you can donate in this time of need.

In the meantime, the best way you can support NECHAMA is through a financial donation. As our ability to respond diminishes due to the increase in cases and shelter-in-place orders, we are working to ensure continuity of services and maintain staff levels because disasters don’t self-quarantine. Please consider a gift today to ensure that our legacy continues during and after this national crisis.