Hurricane Florence continues to affect the Carolinas with widespread flooding and rising rivers. In North Carolina, 29 counties are still under emergency declaration. Lumberton, Fayetteville, and Wilmington are just a few cities that are still experiencing significant flooding. In South Carolina, counties like Horry and Marion are surrounded by floodwaters and almost completely inaccessible. Flood waters have washed away streets, destroyed homes and inundated entire towns. Many families still haven’t been able to return home yet to assess the physical damage Hurricane Florence has caused.

Our Operations team is staged in Charleston, SC assessing affected areas through the end of this week. Looking forward, the Carolinas are not yet out of the woods and will continue to face rising rivers this week. Our team is monitoring the additional flooding while responding to areas where it’s safe to do. Please check our website ( for ways that you can assist in the response. #HurricaneFlorence #NECHAMA #hurricanedevastation #bekind#NECHAMAcommunity #northcarolina #southcarolina#disasterresponse #lendahand ? @sabine7777