June 1st was the official start of the 2024 hurricane season. However, the arrival of the first named storm is given special reverence as the unofficial start of the season. With Tropical Storm Alberto arriving, hurricane season is undoubtedly here. While NECHAMA deploys year-round to assist communities in need, the Atlantic hurricane season presents a critical period. It’s a time when our organization can have the most significant impact, helping families and communities rebuild after catastrophic storms. This year may be particularly devastating, as the 2024 hurricane season is predicted to be the most active on record.

At NECHAMA, we know all too well the power and destruction these storms can unleash. That’s why preparation is at the heart of everything we do. Long before the first storm forms, we’re busy ensuring a swift and effective response. Here’s a glimpse into NECHAMA’s pre-season activities:

  • Sharpening Our Strategy: We craft and refine operational plans, ensuring efficient deployment and maximum impact in affected areas. Clear communication channels are established with government agencies and partner NGOs, fostering a coordinated response that prioritizes the needs of survivors.
  • Building a Strong Response Team: We assess staffing needs and ensure our team has the necessary equipment to tackle the challenges of increasingly complex storms. This includes maintaining a strong network of skilled and dedicated volunteers.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: The disaster response landscape is constantly evolving. NECHAMA staff undergo extensive training to stay current on the latest protocols and survivor assistance programs. This includes positive developments like FEMA’s streamlined cash assistance initiative, which aims to remove red tape and expedite financial aid to those in need. By staying informed, we ensure our staff can provide accurate and critical information to survivors.

While we hope for a calm season with minimal impact, NECHAMA remains ever vigilant. We stand ready to deploy and assist communities devastated by hurricanes, offering a helping hand during their most vulnerable time.

Here’s how you can be part of NECHAMA’s mission:

Together, we can weather the storm and help communities rebuild stronger than ever.

Max Manasevit,
NECHAMA Director of Operations