Today is day ONE of NECHAMA’s 4th SUNY and CUNY cohort for our Puerto Rico summer project. This group has an immense amount of energy! They spent the morning at orientation before heading off on their first day projects. This morning was full of laughter and team bonding, and we are excited to see how much these students will accomplish. 


To kick off these next two weeks and encourage our new volunteers to extend their legacy of service, we launched a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser! We are asking this entire cohort, along with Project Staff, to set up their own personal fundraiser to raise money for our General Disaster Response Fund. This means setting personal goals, reaching out to personal contacts via social media and word of mouth, and joining our organization in preparing for the future. To encourage each fundraiser, every student will earn prizes like rainbow NECHAMA socks and instagram takeovers when they hit certain thresholds! Here’s the best part — YOU can contribute.


~Visit the Peer to Peer fundraising page to see student profiles and donate! 

~Check back with our social media to see what this cohort is up to daily, and keep an eye out for the students who earn an instagram takeover!

~Share the fundraising page with your friends and followers, and spread the word about these incredible volunteers doing everything they can to help NECHAMA bring comfort and hope to more communities in need.