NECHAMA’s Disaster Response Team is on the road towards Nashville, Tennessee to perform an on the ground assessment after multiple tornadoes caused significant damage to the region.

Between the late evening of Monday, March 2, and the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, multiple tornadoes measuring EF3 (between 155 and 165 mph) and EF4 (175 mph) touched down in Putnam County and areas of Nashville. At least 24 deaths are confirmed, including young children, with additional injuries exceeding 150 people, and over 140 collapsed buildings.

NECHAMA will perform an initial assessment to determine what assistance we can provide. At this time we are not requesting or able to accommodate volunteers. Once the assessment is complete we will be able to determine our capacity around this and make further announcements.

The best way for you to help right away is to donate now to support our efforts to respond to disasters like this one in communities throughout the United States.