The NECHAMA Disaster Response Team received a referral to assist Joyce, a homeowner requesting assistance with the demolition of a brick wall and removal of damaged fencing. While assessing the damage to Joyce’s home, we learned she had opened her doors to her neighbors, who had also experienced damage to their homes. Joyce told us some of them lost their homes entirely and had nowhere to go. Despite the damage to Joyce’s house, it was still safe, and she chose to provide shelter to her community in need.

NECHAMA, along with our partner IOCC, worked alongside Joyce to take down her damaged brick wall and fencing. She was incredibly grateful for the assistance and worked tirelessly to help us complete the job. We are all humbled by individuals like Joyce, who, despite the damage to her own home, find ways to help others in need. NECHAMA has been honored to be serving the communities in Tennessee.

Your financial support ensures continuity of service in the wake of disasters, and in this time of uncertainty, to ensure that hope, compassion, and comfort are felt where they are needed the most.