Andrew Lem is a carpenter from Ithaca, NY, who has volunteered with Nechama since 2014. He first became involved with disaster relief in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit his home state. Since these he has been on 14 disaster relief programs, including responding to tornadoes, wildfires, and flash floods.

According to Andrew, it is that feeling of fulfillment that you get from helping another that keeps him coming back. If you are thinking of volunteering, he says, “Just do it. There should be nothing holding you back. It is an experience unlike anything else you can find in the world. I’ve never done anything else that makes me feel so good about myself and our communities. I got my start as a volunteer with no experience whatsoever. I’ve never done anything quite like this in any other aspect of my life. I don’t think I could go back to a life without service.”