As NECHAMA continues assessing flood-damaged homes in Sonoma County, one thing is clear – there is an immediate need for our disaster response services. We are working with partners to start up a full deployment into the area and are preparing to accept volunteers for muck-and-gut response work.

This will mark the first time NECHAMA has deployed into California, something many of you have asked us to consider in the past – and a priority for our Board and staff. Now we need your help.

One month of work will cost $60,000. This includes tools, equipment, materials, staff costs, food, lodging, and other associated expenses. Funding is the only thing keeping us from hiring project staff and ramping up.

Your donation today brings us that much closer to bringing help, hope, and comfort to families in need of assistance.


David Kaplan
Executive Director
NECHAMA – Jewish Response to Disaster