This past week NECHAMA teamed up with a dozen Penn State University Hillel students and made our way to New Orleans. Unlike many college students who choose to spend their spring breaks relaxing in the sun on a beach, these students committed to a week’s worth of direct service, designed to help one of our nation’s most vulnerable communities continue to recover from Hurricane Katrina which struck the gulf coast almost 12 years ago!

While partnering with the local nonprofit, and several incredible members of the historic Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood, the team was able to provide almost 600 hours of assistance to 4 families who are still working tirelessly to get back into homes they lost after Katrina.

Our utmost respect and admiration go out to our team of students from Penn State. Your commitment to serving others in need is a beautiful thing and NECHAMA was proud to have you at our side this past week in New Orleans. We appreciate the hard work and care you put into homes we worked on and the eagerness you showed in learning more about the community you served.

The Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood continues to show incredible courage and determination in the face of adversity no one should ever encounter. You all are an inspiration to the world around you and we thank you for welcoming us with open arms.