Wielding a machete, Leone was cutting back the smaller tree branches downed in her yard amidst the laundry she had just put out to dry. Observing this activity over the fence while we worked at the neighbor’s house behind her, we obviously had to meet the woman taking on her tree work with a machete. 

We walked over and offered our assistance. Clearly, skilled already, Leone wouldn’t let us do all the work. We joined her, along with her two teenage sons, and made quick work of the tree debris in her yard. 

Leone and her family moved to Louisiana 6 years ago from Cuba and saved up to buy their house one year ago. Cheerful, despite the damage to her home, she said she’s used to Hurricanes. Though she commented, the infrastructure here isn’t as prepared for them. Despite the lack of power, they’ve been living in their home and are finding ways to make do with just gas and water. As we were leaving, Leone told us to knock on her door when we were back in the area; she would be happy to come out and join us in helping her neighbors.