Miguel is 78 years old, but our staff and volunteers quickly noticed that he has a youthful spirit. On our first day at his farm he took a group of us on a tour, leading the pack with a machete in one hand and a walking stick in the other. As he was showing us around, he was incredibly proud of the work he has done on his farm and was excited to share the story of his land with us. 

Like many farmers on the island, Hurricane Maria left his 6-acre farm in ruins. Trees were knocked down, crops were destroyed, and Miguel did not know how to begin recovering. Despite this, he keeps a positive outlook on life and stays grateful for what he does have. Over the past few weeks, Miguel has welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to help clear land, remove brush, and start planting new crops. 

Today, our team got their hands dirty. We dug holes and planted 22 plantain trees alongside Miguel. We’ve loved getting to know Miguel and revitalizing his farm to bring stability back to him and his family!

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