We would like to introduce you to a new, but very dear friend, Andrea.

Andrea lives in Louisiana and like a lot of homeowners, Hurricane Ida impacted life. Her home is just two doors down from her mom. Andrea and her mom made the decision to ride out the storm in her home. In her own words, she states she was lucky that she only has a few trees down in her yard and that her home is still standing.

As a result of Ida’s wind, her mom’s home did not fare as well. Large trees fell on the roof and caused considerable damage to the roof. As a result of the damage, water poured into her home from the holes overhead. Since Hurricane Ida swept across the state of Louisiana, Andrea’s mom has suffered two heart attacks. Spending weeks in the hospital, Andrea’s mom doesn’t know the extent of damage that the storm caused to her home. All she knows is she wants to come home.

Following the storm, Andrea has worked every day to do as much as she can to get the house ready for her mom to come home. In partnership with IOCC, NECHAMA staff and volunteers started the process of clearing debris and damaged items from the home. The effort of both teams allowed the process of gutting the home to move along quickly, ensuring the home is ready for the next step in the process of rebuilding.

We wish nothing but a speedy recovery for Ms. Andrea’s mom and a quick return to her home!

If you are able to travel and want to spend time volunteering in Louisiana, please sign up here today. NECHAMA staff will be in contact with you regarding logistics and what to expect while volunteering.

Not able to join us in person? Interested in supporting the work of staff and volunteers in the field? Please consider making a donation to our Hurricane Ida Fund or starting a fundraiser today! We will be on the ground in Louisiana through the end of 2021, and every time you support NECHAMA, you help a homeowner in Louisiana move closer to having a home to move back to.