We at NECHAMA have good reason to be hopeful. While there continues to be extreme need in communities struck by natural disasters, our staff and volunteers are on the ground helping strangers whose lives are turned upside down. We are able to help them clean up, start rebuilding, and have hope that their lives will get back to normal.

Consider our now 14 month residency in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida struck at the beginning of September 2021. We have completed cleaning and prepping of 73 homes and have several more in progress. We also began doing repairs over the summer and are currently working on 4 homes in various stages of completion.

In total, our volunteers have logged over 15,600 hours of volunteer service, which is extraordinary! We are so grateful for all who have shown up with us to accomplish this important work – our staff, our volunteers, our donors, and our community partners.

Our continuing work in Louisiana is vital, but as Hurricane Ian has shown, there is so much more need in other areas of the country. To do more – to help more families, to spread more comfort and hope, to represent Jewish ideals more broadly – we need more volunteers and we need more financial resources.

Please consider helping us with both. If you show up to volunteer with us, your time and talent will be very well used and appreciated. If you show up with financial support, your treasure will be equally well used and appreciated.

As 2022 comes to a close, please help us do more. Help us reach more families who continue to wait for help to come long after the storm has passed.


Stephen Matloff
President- Board of Directors