SpringForwardMN begins this Saturday, May 1!

Last year’s GiveAtHomeMN event began at a time when many people found themselves at the beginning of the pandemic. We were all adjusting to a new lifestyle. We stayed at home amidst uncertainty and civic guidance. At the same time, we looked for a way to take action through giving as one way to respond to the growing global crisis.

Today, as we move toward the rejuvenation of our former lives through vaccinations, we have our eyes focused on a day in the near future. A time when we may begin to gather in person again. We are asking our supporters to help us move forward to what’s next. As we move toward more promising times, your support is crucial to allow us to continue to bring hope and renewal to the lives of disaster survivors nationwide.

Give generously for what comes next and help us SpringForwardMN! Support NECHAMA by donating through the GiveMN website between May 1-11th, 2021!