Spring is in the Air!

As we move through the spring season, new life sprouts from the earth. Flowers emerge and bring with them a glorious pop of color that begins to transform a drab winter landscape. This time of the year brings with it new energy, a sense of renewal, and rejuvenation after the long winter months.

How often do you consider the meaning of a word…such as the word rejuvenate? As defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one meaning of this action word is “to restore to an original or new state.” Such an odd definition at first glance. One could consider an original state and a new state to be in contrast to one another.

The work we do each day is just that, a rejuvenation. Helping families take those first steps to restore their home after a devastating loss- either to what it once was or to transform it into something new. Working side by side, hope emerges as their thoughts transition from what was lost to what is to come. Not only is the physical structure rejuvenated, but the families we work with also experience a new sense of purpose and hope. This one event that happened in their life is not permanent… it will come to an end. Something different is on the horizon.

It would also be easy to focus on the many months we have spent apart, unsure of what is to come or how to navigate through unknown territory. We could focus on all that we have lost since the beginning of 2020. But much like the families we assist after a disaster, we will not stay where we are forever. Our situation will change and our lives will be rejuvenated; to what they were prior to the start of the pandemic, or to something new.

As we move through the upcoming weeks, we invite you to support NECHAMA as we begin to spring forward into a new season of our existence. Your support will allow us to continue to bring hope and renewal to the lives of disaster survivors nationwide.


Kristine Seabloom

NECHAMA Administrator

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