NECHAMA concluded our assessment period in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, and returned to Minnesota. Our decision to decrease our assessment period to 11 days was in part due to the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, making sure to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers, and homeowners.

We used the assessment period to establish contact with local authorities, address immediate needs, provide services where possible, and determine the feasibility of a more extended program. We will take this time to reassess the needs of the communities we visited, ascertain the best utilization of time and resources, and decide the appropriate actions for the near future.

During our time in Tennessee, we were able to support nine families and a small family owned business Рutilizing 113 NECHAMA volunteer hours. In addition to chainsaw work and removing downed trees and branches, we were also able to work with Footprint project with delivering and installing solar trailers to affected communities. Working alongside our disaster partners we also completed  minor demolition work, and debris cleanup.

This work is not possible without our partnerships and the generous donations of our NECHAMA community. Please consider a gift today to continue our legacy of providing a lending hand to people affected by natural disasters.