Our dear friend @SabineThompson has worked with numerous volunteer organizations over the years, since she started volunteering at 18. Her first disaster response volunteer trip was back in 2011 following the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. She continues to give back across the globe and at home where she lives in Phoenix, Arizona. We were fortunate to have her volunteer with us this past week documenting our Response Assessment in South Carolina.Her passion for helping others inspires everyone she meets. She uses her love for taking photos to help NECHAMA tell the stories of the work we do and tell the story of those affected by disaster. We so respect her desire to give back, and are grateful to have her in our community!

Storytelling is an integral part in what we do, it allows us to learn of, connect with and give voice to devastated communities throughout our country. Photography is just one of the many skills that can help tell our story. If you have skills in graphic design, videography, photography, journalism, or creative writing we would love to have you join us. Come help us tell our story!

If you have a skill you think could help us, please reach out to us at [email protected].