There is still an extensive need for assistance here in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. Many of our volunteers flying into the island are shocked to witness the number of blue tarps acting as shelter for so many of the homes in our surrounding communities. Eight months after the disaster, we are still receiving daily referrals for work on homes with roof damage. As an organization, we are eager to stay, for as long as it takes, to continue our work here and make a commitment to those who still need our help so desperately.
In order to make this hope a reality, we must constantly seek out new ways to sustain and develop our Project. We are reaching out to the NECHAMA community to ask for your help to maximize our potential where it is needed here in Puerto Rico. At this time we are focusing on finding a secure a residential base in which we can operate from, daily transportation options (rental cars are expensive!), and general funds to operate this Project.

Do you have a skill, an idea, resource or a tool that could benefit our efforts in Puerto Rico? If so we would love to speak with you! You can reach our Operations Director Dorothy Maples at [email protected]

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