As Tropical Storm Barry prepares to make landfall this weekend, rain continues to fall throughout Louisiana and neighboring states. 

The slow movement of Barry will result in a long duration heavy rainfall and flood threat through the weekend and into next week, with some areas of Louisiana receiving 20+ inches of rain. Hurricane conditions are expected along the coast of Louisiana and a Hurricane Warning is currently in effect. Mandatory evacuations have already been declared in some low-lying communities and many local roadways have been closed.

Many areas will see torrential rains followed by flash flooding, and even the possibility of the Mississippi River and other waterways – already at or near flood stage due to the extreme rainfall and snow this winter, spring, and summer – spilling over their banks. 

After Katrina, some areas, including New Orleans, spent millions to better protect communities – but other areas which will see significant impacts from this storm, have not been able to make those same improvements. These under-protected, low-lying communities will need our assistance. Your donation today to our 2019 Louisiana Fund will allow NECHAMA to deploy quickly, after Barry has passed, to begin initial assessments.

Help us bring hope and comfort to those affected by Barry.

Please give today!