Tropical Storm Nicholas made landfall today as a category 1 hurricane. While the storm has since been downgraded from hurricane status to a tropical storm, it will impact Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in the coming days. This storm will unleash excessive amounts of rain and will likely cause flash-flooding as it moves through the region.

Battling heavy rainfall, our assessment team continues damage assessments in Louisiana. The area has experienced 1-3 inches of rain today and can expect to see an additional 1-3 inches this afternoon.

Many homes remain untouched after Hurricane Ida. Some homeowners have been able to source a blue tarp to cover damage, while others have not been as fortunate. The rain that Nicholas brings will permeate damaged roofing and walls, leading to additional damage.

Our team will continue to assess damage as long as it is safe to do so. Over the coming days, flooding from Tropical Storm Nicholas will once again prevent access to some neighborhoods.

There is an immense need for assistance following Hurricane Ida, and you can help today! Sign up to volunteer or help raise funds to support the team on the ground today!

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