While setting up and servicing the NECHAMA shower trailer at Powerdorn Sanctuary, we have been approached with many questions specific to the encampment. Not being able to answer the questions, we reached out to our friends and partners at the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) @PPNA821 to provide some background information.

“In 2006, the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County created a ten-year plan to end homelessness, yet the number of unsheltered homeless people in Hennepin County have continued to rise. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, unsheltered residents were in increasingly unsafe situations, and community organizers and unsheltered residents found sanctuary at the Sheraton Hotel. The situation at the hotel became unstable and unsafe, and many sanctuary residents chose to move to Powderhorn Park. In the park and at the sanctuary, community members rallied supplies, food, and volunteers to help care for unsheltered neighbors. After initially trying to evict sanctuary residents from Powderhorn Park, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board passed a resolution declaring all Minneapolis parks sanctuary spaces for unsheltered residents. Powderhorn has since attracted a large number of unsheltered residents who were previously scattered throughout the city and have nowhere else to go.”

They are unclear as to the number of sanctuary residents due to the highly mobile and fluid population, it is near impossible to determine the number at any given time. PPNA hopes with the assistance of nonprofit and government partners, the resident count will be obtained soon, but will not have the means to maintain it.

We will continue to provide services to the Powderhorn Sanctuary as long as we are able and the need is there. Please help us continue our work at the sanctuary by donating today.