As the Twin Cities continues cleanup efforts of the over 500 damaged and looted business, and are still amid disruptions of access to food and supplies for thousands, requests for assistance have come in many forms. NECHAMA has been working daily to respond to the community needs.

Since Sunday, May 31, NECHAMA has delivered more than 12 pallets of food to multiple community pop-up and established food banks in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Staff and volunteers spent five days assisting community food banks cleaning, organizing, and distributing food and supplies, with the possibility of more opportunities this week. 

In partnership with restaurants providing free hot meals, NECHAMA has delivered over 200 lunches, and are committed to continuing throughout this week. 

On Saturday, June 6, NECHAMA staff and volunteers cleared debris and disinfected three small local minority and women-owned businesses, and are attending to multiple stores today.

We will continue to respond to our community needs and will post volunteer opportunities on Facebook. If you are interested in volunteering, please message us.

Please also consider donating (via our website) to continue our mission of repairing the world through acts of kindness and providing comfort and hope in our home town.