This is unprecedented. Never before has NECHAMA responded to two Category 4 hurricane landfalls concurrently. With the majority of our fleet, staff, and equipment and tools in Texas, we are working to retrofit our 26′ catastrophic disaster trailer for an Irma landfall, and bring it into service to respond. We’re quickly building up a second response fleet capable of answering this second major disaster in as many weeks.

This means new vehicles. New tools. More staff. We know Florida will need us when Irma has passed, but we are also committed to the residents of Houston to remain and not pull any resources. As we build this new response, we will continue to assist storm-affected families in that area without interruption.

But to do this, we need your help, and we need it today. Many of you have already given, and I thank you so much. You have made our Texas response possible – and normally we would not ask more of you. But as the NECHAMA staff rises to this occasion, working around the clock to make a second deployment to Florida possible – I need your help one more time.

NECHAMA needs your immediate financial support to build this new fleet, gear it up, and get it into the field. 

You’ve answered the call time and time again, and never before has the need been so critical. Please, consider a donation today to our Hurricane Response Fund. Help us close the gap and make this much needed second deployment possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

David Kaplan
Executive Director