Is Venmo your preferred method for making a donation? Great news- our website now accepts Venmo donations!

Using any browser, navigate to the NECHAMA webpage and click on the Donate button at the top of the page. This will take you to our donation page- click Donate today! On the payment method screen, you will see options to make donations via credit card, Apple Pay (Safari browser only), PayPal, and Venmo. Select your preferred payment type and fill in the remaining information to complete your donation to NECHAMA.

And just a word about those pesky fees- we don’t like them either! But we understand if you are not able to cover them. On the 3rd page of the donation screen, you will see a small “Edit” box next to the fee. To remove the fee or change the amount you wish to cover, click edit and slide the fees scale to the percentage you wish to cover, then click done. The total payment should then update to reflect only the amount you wish to donate.

Looking for other ways to give of your time and talents? Visit our website and click on the Ways to Give button to learn about the many ways you can financially support NECHAMA. Prefer to give the gift of your time? Visit our Programs page to learn more about open volunteer opportunities.

Whatever your preferred donation method, we appreciate all that you do to support NECHAMA and the families that we serve!