April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and what a wonderful time to tell you how much we love our volunteers!!!

As long as NECHAMA has been around, there have been amazing individuals who volunteer their time to help bring hope to disaster survivors. You show up with smiles on your face, not afraid to tackle the messiest of conditions.

NECHAMA volunteer shines a headlamp onto a damaged wall in a basement, tools in hand to begin removing damaged wall. A Nechama volunteer wears a headlamp shining into a dark space near a chimney.

You shine a light into the darkest corners, focused on helping families move from what was, to what is to come. And you keep showing up, year after year, bringing comfort to families who have experienced tragic losses.

It’s no secret that without you, we couldn’t continue to do what we do!

On behalf of the staff and board of NECHAMA, we thank you for your commitment. We look forward to seeing you join our programs one day soon!

Nechama volunter smiles out the open window of a white pickup truck with the blue logo below him on the door. Another volunteer stands behind the truck smiling at something in the distance

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